Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why shouldn't I just buy my own liquor and have a friend tend bar ?

A:  Tampa Bay Bar Services is one of a handful of Bar Catering Services in the Bay Area that is both (1) Fully Licensed by the State of Florida for Alcohol Beverage Catering and (2) Fully Insured for Liquor Liability in Compliance with all State Regulations.  We take care of all of the details and provide "peace of mind" for your Event.

Don't Take Chances With Other Bar Catering Companies....Ask them to provide a copy of their State of Florida Alcohol Beverage License and their Liquor Liability Insurance !  If they can't provide it, they probably don't have it. Is it worth the risk ?

Florida Alcohol Beverage License #BEV3900141
Florida Liquor Liability Insurance Policy #3DY6250

Q:  Can I create my own bar package ?

A:  Absolutely !  At Tampa Bay Bar Services, we believe that you should have exactly what you want at your Bar for your Event. We will work with your needs to suit both your taste and your budget. Our suggested posted packages are only guidelines, and represent some of our most popular Bar Packages. Want to add Kahlua and Cream for White Russians? No Problem. Your Mom only drinks Amaretto Sours? Our Bar Staff will make her one. Grandpa only drinks the finest Single Malt Scotch? Does he want MacAllan, Glenfiddich, Glendronach, Talisker, or Lagavulin. If it's legally available in Florida, chances are that we can put it at your Bar. After all...It's your Bar !

Q:  Do I need a minimum number of guests ?

A:  Pricing on our Bar Packages is based on 75 or more guests for a 4 Hour Event. However, we would be happy to quote you a Bar Package based on any number of guests or time frame and your specific needs. If you anticipate less than 75 guests at your event, please call us directly for a quote, and we will do everything we can do to make it happen. Please note that Bar Quotes for less than 75 guests may be subject to a nominal Bar Surcharge.

Q:  Do I get to keep any unfinished or unused bottles at the end of the service ?

A:  Any open or unused bottles remain the property of Tampa Bay Bar Services at all times, and must be returned to our Corporate Location after the Event.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards ?

A:  Our Bar Quotes are based on payment by Cash or Check; however, we do accept all Major Credit Cards for a small surcharge.

Q:  Are gratuities included in your bar quote ?

Tampa Bay Bar Services will add in a Minimum Bar Service Gratuity Charge of 10% to your Final Bar Invoice.

Please Note that we also allow our Bartenders to put out Tip Jars at all of our Beverage Service Stations at our Events.

Q:  My wedding isn't until almost a year from now. How do I lock-in my price now so that I won't be faced with a possible increase once my wedding date rolls around ?

A:  As you all know in this day and age, pricing can increase almost daily on almost anything, especially with uncertain economic conditions, and the high cost of transportation and fuel. At Tampa Bay Bar Services, we can lock-in your price NOW, before the cost of alcoholic beverages rises even further due to industry supply or economic inflation. Your Deposit for your event serves as your rate-lock, and safeguards your Bar Proposal from increasing in price due to any future economic conditions.

Q:  Is a Deposit required to secure your services ?  How does the Deposit work ?

A:  Once you have agreed to a Final Bar Package for your Event, the next step is to send in your Deposit. A $500.00 Deposit is required to secure our services for all Events.  This Deposit must be received in our Corporate Office no later than 14 days after we send you our Bar Proposal for your Event. Your Deposit is 100% refundable should you need to cancel or reschedule our services for any reason at least 30 days out from the Event. Your Deposit serves to lock-in your guaranteed quoted rate, even if the pricing on our Bar Packages goes up between now and the date of your Event. Your Deposit is credited on your Final Bill, and the remaining Balance of your Payment for your Bar Package is Due in Full No Later than 72 Hours Prior to the start of your Event.

Q:  Is there a limit to how many drinks you serve at my Event ?

A:  We price our Open Bar Events based on unlimited service of alcoholic beverages with no maximum on the number of drinks that are served. A typical event includes a 4 hour Open Bar. However, we can extend the Bar Service hours with prior arrangement and the approval of the venue, the facilities manager, or the event host.

Our staff is professionally trained in the service of alcoholic beverages. We are required to check identification at the bar for any guests that may appear to be underage. If you do not have a valid ID as defined by the State of Florida, we have the right not to serve you. There are no exceptions. Please be vigilant and ensure that all of your guests that are consuming alcohol, regardless of age, have their State Issued Photo ID with them at all times.

Our bartenders are some of the best in the business and serve alcoholic beverages with respect to State of Florida Responsible Vendor guidelines. Please note that our bartenders have the right to refuse bar service to any person for any reason except race, creed, color, or religion. This includes patrons that are or appear to be intoxicated or underage. The legal drinking age for any alcoholic beverage in the State of Florida is 21. This is our policy, as well as the law.

Q:  Can you provide a Cash Bar for my event ?

A:  We would be happy to provide a Cash Bar for any of our events, where the guest directly pays for each drink when he orders it, just like at your favorite local night spot. Our beverage drink prices for Cash Bars are extremely reasonable, compared to what you pay when you go out. Please note that there is a Guaranteed Minimum required per guest for any of our Cash Bar Packages. Also, we now have the capability to accept debit and credit cards at all of our Cash Bars !

In order to provide a Cash Bar for your event, certain parameters must be met with respect to State of Florida Alcohol Beverage Laws. These requirements are not negotiable and must be followed to the letter. For more information on our Cash Bar Packages, please contact one of our friendly Beverage Event Planners.

Q:  I'm looking for a specific hard-to-find alcohol beverage for my event. Can you get it ?

A:  Tampa Bay Bar Services has the support of a full retail liquor store at our corporate location on Dale Mabry Highway, which is open for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This gives us incredible buying power and access to many alcohol products that are difficult or almost impossible to find elsewhere. We can provide almost any alcoholic beverage available in Central Florida to your function, including Specialty Single Malt Scotches, High End Name Brand Wines, Specialty Imported Liqueurs, Top of the Line Champagnes, and everything in between. Please call us for a quote on what you are looking for !

Q:  Can you provide glassware at my event? What is the cost ?

A:  Tampa Bay Bar Services would be happy to provide you a quote based on service with full or partial glassware, including Rocks Glasses, Wine Stemware, Champagne Flutes, Champagne Tulips, Highball Glasses, Lowball Glasses, Water Goblets, and Beer Pilsner Glasses. Please call us for more information on pricing for specific glassware.

Q:  Can you provide a Champagne Toast for our Wedding Reception ?

A:  At Tampa Bay Bar Services, we specialize in Champagne Toasts ! We can provide a complete Champagne Toast for all of your guests, including full Champagne Glassware, to fit within your budget.  Ask us about our $ 2.50 Special !