Wine Tasting Event
Featuring a Seasonal Selection of Red, White, and Dessert Wines

Our personal guarantee is that we will provide you with a First-Class Wine Tasting Event to accommodate your needs and satisfy your Guests, including a diverse selection of quality wines, a top-shelf presentation, and ample wine pours. We are committed to providing home-run quality wines that you will be proud to have served at your Event ! We guarantee to supply your Event with more than enough wine so that we will not run out of servings, based on the final number of anticipated Guests that you provide to us. We will supply your Wine Event with a premium selection of quality wines from California as well as other regional famous wine-growing areas from around the globe. Further, we dress all of our wine tables with wine-related props, table decorations and wine accessories to add that special touch to all of our Wine Tasting Events.

The wines we typically serve at our Wine Tasting Events are Premium Quality wines that are available mostly in Fine Wine Stores across the country, and not substandard or inferior wines that are sold in mass quantities by Grocery Stores or Discount Warehouse Clubs.

We will always supply your Event with an array of various and exciting Reds, Whites, and Specialty Wines from some of the major noted wine growing regions of the world. Each wine sampled will be distinctive of any other that we pour, and highly representative of its region and terroir. A typical Wine Tasting Event would include some of the world’s great varietals (Reds) Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Tempranillo, Red Zinfandel, Grenache, and Meritage, and (Whites) Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer, as well as select Dessert Wines.

We will be sure to provide a minimum of Four Unique Quality Reds, Four Unique Quality Whites, and at least One Dessert Style and/or Sweeter Wine from which Guests can choose to sample from during the Event. If there are specific wine varietals that you would like to have served at your Event, please let us know in advance and we would be pleased to do our utmost to accommodate you. What we propose is to provide the same high-caliber types of wines that we have provided to this similar kind of Event at many of our very successful wine functions in the past, and we specialize in finding wines that are traditionally crowd pleasers and that a majority of Guests truly enjoy.

We will supply one (1) Professional Wine Tasting Station for your Event, which will include a Fully-Decorated Wine Table and Wine glasses for Guests to sample and enjoy the wines to be served throughout the evening. We will also supply fully Wine-Knowledgeable Staff, including a Registered Wine Sommelier, to oversee the Event and answer any wine related questions that your Guests may have during the Event itself.

All of the Guests attending the Event will be provided with a Wine Order Form, should they wish to order any wines they have tasted at the Event and would like to purchase from our Retail Store. We will offer these wines ordered by Guests at the Event at a Discount of roughly 25% off the regular retail price of the wines. We agree to hold the wines ordered at the Event at the Special Event Price for your Guests to pick-up in our store for up to 60 days, as long as the Wine Order Form is turned in during the Event itself or faxed or emailed into us within 48 hours after the end of the Event.

Tampa Bay Bar Services is fully insured for liquor liability and fully licensed by the State of Florida to serve wine and other alcoholic beverages. All of our Staff have been trained to use due diligence in serving wines to Guests in accordance with State of Florida Responsible Vendor Guidelines.

The Total Amount of this Wine Tasting Proposal includes all of the Wine Products to be served throughout the evening, Wine Glasses, Complete Set-Up and Break-Down, Knowledgeable Wine Staff including a Registered Wine Sommelier, and all Wine-Related Props, Table Decorations, and Wine Table Accessories.

This truly Professional Wine Tasting Event is a really fun and informative way to explore the world of wines at your own pace, gain new insight, experience unfamiliar and exciting new wines, and find some very interesting surprises along the journey !

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