Mixology 101 Seminar
Featuring Drinks Like Martinis, Manhattans, Cosmos, and Margaritas !

Special: Up to 20 Guests for Two Hours $695.00

This Seminar teaches the fundamentals of Home Bartending and includes the necessary tools for perfect cocktail construction through the creation of various classic cocktails that a lot of people misunderstand. By rediscovering these drinks and the ways that they can be made, you will come to learn not only how you really like your cocktails to be prepared, but also how to order them so that you always get them that way, and more importantly, how to make them correctly for your friends and guests while entertaining. You will leave with a new perspective on bartending and a new set of skills that will last a lifetime.

This interactive Seminar can help you be an impressive Home Bartender by showing you the basics that you need to know about tending a Home Bar, such as the difference between Highball and Lowball Drinks, How to Shake, Strain, Stir and Pour Cocktails, and How to Set up a Home Bar, and also includes exciting new recipes and useful bar tips.

Bartending skills are always in demand. If you're planning on hosting a cocktail party at your home or just want to learn how to make a particular drink, Mixology 101 is a must for all do-it-yourself Bartenders. This entertaining Seminar will teach you the Home Bartending skills that will take the mystery out of Mixology and allow you to put together the perfect Martini and create the coolest Cosmopolitan.

By signing up for this fun and enjoyable Seminar, you will be able to confidently:

  •  Determine the essentials of the Home Bar Setup.

  •  Learn how to make Lowball and Highball Drinks.

  •  Learn various procedures for making Specialty Drinks and creating Signature Cocktails.

  •  Describe how to Mix, Pour and Serve Shooters, Drink Floaters, Wine and Champagne, Dessert Drinks, and Coffee Drinks.

The Mixology 101 Seminar offers a fun, interactive evening in the Basics of Home Bartending ! This highly entertaining one evening class provides the hands-on training to prepare you to create and serve not only classic cocktails, but also more modern-themed drink creations. You will learn great tips on Bar Setup, the proper use of Bartending Equipment and Bar Accessories, and how to shake up your favorite Drink Recipes. You’ll also have more confidence ordering drinks the next time you are out with friends and will learn the top cocktail recipes for throwing a great party. No prior Bartending knowledge or experience is necessary.

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